The CHRS is a professional organization of Canada’s heart rhythm specialists and allied health professionals.  It carries out its work through research, advocacy, education and development of best practices in the field of heart rhythm disorders.

Governance Structure
The CHRS is governed by a Board of directors who meet via teleconference on a monthly basis as well as face to face during the CHRS Annual Meeting, the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC) and Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) meetings. The Board runs the business of the society and delegates certain duties to other committees and working groups. The CHRS is also an official Affiliate of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) who helps with the administration, management and coordination of their committees, finances and membership.


2016 CHRS

CHRS Committees
Volunteer committees are the foundation of the Society; the role and mandate of the committees vary depending on their purpose.

Ablation Committee: provides a structure for the analysis and communication of ablation issues

Annual Meeting Planning Committee: provides a structure to engage the members and assess the needs of the community to create a relevant and educational meeting for the members of the society.

Education Committee: provides a structure for the administration of the various teaching activities within CHRS and coordinates with members regarding activities in conjunction with HRS, CCC, the Annual Colloquium and other relevant meetings.

Device Committee: provides a structure for the analysis and communication with manufacturers of heart rhythm devices and provide updates on advisories.

Research Committee: promotes, fosters, and facilitates high quality research so as to improve the care of patients with heart rhythm disorders through creation of knowledge and its translation into best practices.

Nomination & Award Committee: prepares a slate of candidates for vacant Board positions & proposes a nominee to the CHRS Board for the CHRS Annual Achievement Award.

Click here to view a list of Electrophysiology (EP) Program Directors

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